Let’s make something
brilliant together.

Hi, I'm Félix.
I’m a passionate product designer,
currently available for work.

Félix Ménard, 30

I’m the curious,
hard-working type.

I feed on complexity and problem solving.

I’m one of those few designers who also
enjoys programming all sorts of things!

Being able to code the stuff I design
allows me create more cohesive products,
move fast and ship often.

I've been in the trenches.

I'm a life long learner

I studied design, visual arts, programming, and communication in Canada, France & Oz. I even taught a couple classes (which was a lot of fun!).

I grew an agency team

During 4 years, I led new project developments at Bluerush, where I mostly worked with Fortune companies and helped grow the team.

I founded a carpooling startup

WeRoll now has a solid team and a growing client-base. We're debt-free and addressing a real-life problem!

I've worked on lots of projects.

I'm hungry and ready to get my hands dirty.

I play nice with others.

Félix and his team's skills and reliability allowed us to successfully develop a Urban Transport Game, from concept to prototype and to production.

Louise Guay, CEO @ Montreal Living Lab

Felix is doing an amazing job with WeRoll, pushing forward a beautifully designed, well thought out, and effective product with huge growth potential.

Liohn Sherer, Business Consultant

Since the launch of the new version of our knowledge sharing platform, the user satisfaction rate has skyrocketed! Félix knows how to create appealing and intuitive interfaces.

Christine Renaud, CEO @ E-180

Félix is a passionate maker. Whether he's building an app, brainstorming strategies or designing new features, he's extremely dedicated and cares a lot about every detail. If he's not working on his own projects, you'll find him helping out other people on their strategies, bouncing ideas and giving constructive comments. But I think that what I appreciate the most, as a colleague, is Félix's talent to build a strong, tight-knit team for WeRoll, and get the best work out of all of us.

Elyse Viotto, Awesome partner @ WeRoll

For any business seeking a candidate with both skills in design, ergonomics and integration, Felix is definitely an asset.

Gabriel Lesperance, CTO @ Wavo

Dedicated to delivering quality, ability to understand the brief and approach it from new perspectives without losing sigh of the goals from the brief.
Good person to work around, positive vibe and pleasant character.

Paul Rowland, CEO @ I Can Go Without

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